Why MAJORITY Of BITCOIN Holders Aren’t Selling!! (MASS LAYOFFS Reversed!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top . We'll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest news.

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Why MAJORITY Of BITCOIN Holders Aren’t Selling!! (MASS LAYOFFS Reversed!)

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  1. Missed your live stream but fun show. Glad to see you back… looks like family vac. Recharged your batteries

  2. Uphold started putting my withdrawals under review too. Xrp transactions that used to take 5 seconds now take hours to process their “review”. Im sure it’s nothing 👀

    1. I had the 65 day hold Uphold for my xrp. I sold it all and rebought with another funding method to get it immediately off the exchange.

  3. You can use your American credit cards in Canada. You can likely use your bank card to take Canadain $ out of most ATMs. Many large retailers will take USD, but the cashier may be confused and have to ask a supervisor how to do it, and you will get a terrible exchange rate. Self checkout adoption has moved far along over the last few years. Note: many self checkouts in Canada are credit/debit only, no cash. Oddly enough, I travel a lot and would have said I see self checkout adoption lacking in the US vs Canada. One other thing I find odd as a Canadian is the lack of tap-to-pay use for credit and debit cards in the US. Been common in Canada for maybe 10 years. Still rarely see it in America, and when I do use it there the cashier usually looks confused as to what I did. Go through a drive-through in Canada and they will stick the credit card machine out the window for you to tap. In America you have to hand your card to the cashier and it goes out of your sight while they swipe it. (Had my card number stolen after going through a drive through there last year so I’m disgruntled)

  4. Crypto exchanges are starting to go bankrupt. If you don’t want to lose your money, transfer it to the ledger before it’s too late.

    1. How are you gonna trade when you don’t keep bitcoin on exchange. This is the most stupidest comments ever.

  5. Uphold states they are regulated and doesn’t loan out your money. They disclose assets and liabilities on their website. If that is legit probably no issues, if that isn’t true then possibly. Just look at their website.

  6. Nice to see Savy on the show, excellent TA. Been following him for a year or so and has been very accurate with his predictions 👍

  7. If crypto’s are determined to be securities and the majority of exchanges are not licensed to sell securities, there is going to be some thing that Has to give.

  8. Really nice to see a different perspective as far as predictions. Thanks guys for info from all sides.

  9. “America, one of the safest places on earth”

    That sums up the all knowledge Americans have about the world outside America.

  10. Isn’t it a bit disingenuous to compare one man getting killed by a gun in a country where even cops don’t walk around with guns to mass shootings here in the US? A kid at a parade lost both parents and is now an orphan. We’re mostly stats guys here, compare the number of deaths. This is a uniquely US problem. And I spent my childhood in a 3rd world country.

  11. if you call USA safest place in the world you never were in Europe. safest countries in the world are in europe and it’s because of the social system there…social system. like in switzerland, sweden, iceland (kind of europe), austria, denmark,..

  12. Best book to learn about Cardano before the hardfork combinator event: Cardano: The Essential Guide

  13. A lot of people are selling, others are buying the oportunity

    It s like good memecoin, surely the story of s quidgrow

    This community is involved like i never seen … hype is the key with strong holders

  14. Electricity off for hours in South Africa has been going on for years. Locally called Load Shedding

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