Will We See An 85% Drop?

In this interview with Charles Payne, Ben discusses the possibility of a potential 85% drop from 's peak last year. Will follow historical trends and are we on target for an 85% drop in price action?

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Will We See An 85% Drop?

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    1. It’s a healthy warning lmao. What are you on? People should expect a 10k drop

    1. That’s not what he says. He says if there was an 85% drop, BC would go down to 10.3k. Now you decide. It’s your choice.

  1. Absolutely impossible and dumb to even hear it… between all the people that hodl, all the people who stake it long term, all the lost Bitcoin with no access to it, all the people who refuse to sell as a loss, the bottom won’t break 20 if it’s having this much trouble where it is now

    1. @T ZAnything is technically possible, my reply was more regarding more immediate term. If you think about it though, with the xrp case bringing clarity in the next year or so I just see more indicators suggesting that won’t happen. You have the iso20022 going live in November as well suggesting they are going to let this play out. They also understand that globally with us or without us, this ball will continue rolling downhill, snowballing into something massive and I don’t think they will allow themselves to not have any skin in the game against the rest of the globe. There are just way to many positive use cases that are out there, I just don’t see it, but nothing surprises me with our govt at the same time so hopefully you are wrong. They are making this a huge issue on purpose though because their financial interests have been outplayed on the chessboard and doing everyone possible to blow the whistle, but this is just too big of a space now, My personal biggest fear was the “defi” projects that are out there that don’t meet “regulation” which is why half my portfolio is iso20022 coins as a safety net in that regard

  2. Monday: *WARNING* Bitcoin will fail!
    Tuesday: This is why bitcoin will go to 500,000!
    Wed: Sell all Bitcoin Now!
    Thursday: Dont sell bitcoin till you see this
    Friday: Bitcoin banned universe wide!?
    Saturday: You will be sorry you didn’t buy here
    Sunday: rest, click bait is hard

  3. But we don’t have the 5th wave yet, the blow-off top, alt season, whatever you want to call it…

  4. He just wants you guys to sell your bitcoin so he can buy the dipps
    Don’t listen to any youtuber when it comes to crypto investing (DYOR)and due diligences and invest for yourself you make your own decisions don’t let no one influence you to invest or sell
    Be your own boss

  5. Literally has zero clue what bitcoin will do next but tries to manipulate the market with a large YouTube following. Sounds good doesn’t work

    1. He cant manipulate anything, I dont watch this channel at all, except stumbling on this video. And I already am prepared for 10k drop. Hes not the only one

  6. Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  7. Pretty simple Bitcoin follows the stock market. We are headed for a recession due to multiple factors, like inflation. The stock market is going down with Bitcoin and after that happens it will be time to load the bags up.

  8. All right! Ben says it will drop 85% so it will Finally go to 250k yayy!!! :). Jk. I am saving cash on the side for a big purchase when BTC collapses, I hope Ben is right!!!

  9. Just jump on ISO20022 coins XRP, XDC and XLM. Utility will matter in the future. Bitcoin is just old tech in comparison.

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