Will YOU Get Another Stimulus Check?! (XRP Loses Footing in SEC Lawsuit!!)

In tonight's wrap-up, Deezy takes a look at the current happenings in the landscape, including new rounds of stimuluses rolling out, Crypto.com teaming up with Apple Pay, and dark skies ahead for XRP.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Brand New Stimy (yellow)
1:53 Frank
1:54 Apple Pay is the Way (Brown)
3:53 Ripples Through XRP (Green)

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Will YOU Get Another Stimulus Check?! (XRP Loses Footing in SEC Lawsuit!!)

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  1. The blatant stupidity of your XRP FUD section in the video is sad. Once the tacostand wallet is empty that is a good thing for XRP. People (especially new people) need to take this channel with a giant grain of salt.

    1. @Dr Watson this is correct, he’s not obligated to sell, but there is a cap on how much he CAN sell in a given time period

  2. It’s a good question. Crypto can survive and thrive well outside of America. Crypto failure on American soil does not mean the end of crypto, we still loading and accumulating right under you 😄

  3. Yeah I’m hating all the click bait titles.. we already watch all your stuff.. just be real guys..

  4. They sued Ripple, not XRP. Unreal that a guy who is supposed to possess knowledge about his subject is so clueless. One is a company and the other is a decentralized crypto currency with over 1000 unique validator nodes. 8% of those nodes are run by Ripple.

    1. @johnthechosen 1 uphold, may have to have your bank white list uphold every time you want to make a transaction

    2. Xrp is a ripple product, I’m sure he knows the difference and just used xrp interchangeably with ripple

    3. @DanPSorry I just compare everything to BTC which has probably more than 100,000 nodes. 166 is a small amount in comparison.

    4. @Mark B Ripplenet is a Ripple product, XRP and the XRPL don’t belong to Ripple, in the same way that Ethereum doesn’t belong to Consensys

    5. @DanP yes but it’s moderated by the ripple team, is under its control and was developed by it so I don’t find it too crazy to use xrp and ripple interchangeably in passing, anyone gets the point

  5. I wouldn’t consider a $1,200 dollar check twice in 3 years as “all the help they can get” however it is a terrible idea printing this much money. It’s a bandaid creating a very large problem in the future.

  6. XRP looses footing in the lawsuit ??, really, which court case are you listening to ?, my apologies for being blunt but are you keeping up to date with the case ?Terrible title for XRP in this video.
    Please can I ask not to create FUD, thank you.
    Blessed be all

  7. Jed has been dumping his XRP since he departed Ripple pissed. He was under contract not to exceed something like 10m/mo and has been doing so. This is good news that he is about out.

  8. Obviously they want Jed to sell why would they want a former owner who started a different project own a big portion of the assets XRP this the FUD i hate 👎

  9. Brad and Ripple were already stating they might leave the US back in late 2020. We also know Jed McCaleb doesn’t care about the XRP price. his new project is XLM (Stellar) now. I mean he is a millionaire if not billionaire. Also it’s a great argument if the SEC does come after him to say that he just sold what he was allowed to sell based on the agreement he had with Ripple regardless of the XRP price.

  10. You cant sell XRP unless the buyers are there!
    So Who is buying that amount?? Sounds very fishy to me

  11. say the sec win’s…….. how would Ripple be able to comply with sec disclosures when all the transactions happen outside the US?

  12. you guys really take the biscuit! you just cant stop yourselves from putting a bad spin on XRP or Ripple. Once a Maxi always a Maxi

    1. Most maxi’s don’t start as Maxi’s, and most OG’s become maxi’s. You must be new. One day you will understand.

  13. You make it sound like Jed selling the rest of his wallet is a bad thing. Quite the opposite. Did BitBoy sell his XRP? Full TRUTHFUL disclosure would be a shock.

  14. Jed stopped selling as he’s the SEC inside source and they asked him to do they could asses if Ripple effects the XRP price with out Jed’s selling pressure in play. Simple

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