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  1. What’s needed is regulation for exchanges. SBF is definitely trying to monopolize them . Sadly it might be too late even now.

  2. Sam confused the finance committee btw. I know someone who was there. I Couldn’t get a answer about sec getting stripped of regulation… 🙁

  3. Seems like every time it’s the same. New bills comes forward against crypto. Nothing ever moves forward. New bill against crypto appears. Repeat. But it’s wise to stay informed. Thanks for bringing it to light

    1. That’s why you have to fight back so it does not move forward maybe that’s why none of the other ones moved forward

  4. Hard for me to fight back when my money is locked in both Celsius and Voyaget. I’m just trying to get my investments back

    1. I feel ya on that. I’ve got a lot in celcius too. I hope we can at least get some of our money back, but we will never escape the rat race with big government having there foot on our throats. We have to call our representatives in each state and say no to these “protection plans”. Sounds more like you stay poor plans to me.

    2. @Darius Hunter My coins are locked but I can still log in. Hit them up on twitter. Everyone is on twitter now. They should respond within minutes

  5. Have a good feeling this will be the event that causes the final drop and gets us to the bottom we’ve been waiting for

    1. If you’re hoping for BTC to regain an all time high, you better hope you’re wrong from a chart perspective. Be smart peeps

    2. Btc wil NEVER go back up if this is put into law. Why would anyone bother with a heavily taxed digital good???

  6. Thought Monopolies were illegal. That was the case when Flying J Truck stop lost control of their business buying to much fuel at a high price and Piolit bought the business making them a Monopoly against TA & Loves ❤️ Truck fuel stops. Tie them up in the Supreme Court !

  7. Yeah somebody need to get Gary gensler out of office period.. I just can’t stand it.. The gov is corrupt and cbcd is trying to take over..

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but the only 2 exchanges that dont Offer Cardano the most Decentralized Alt Coin out there are Bit license Compliant FTX and Gemini.. Sounds fishy! Maybe I am over thinking it lol

  9. Here in Australia thanks to optus thousands of people lost their identity’s to hackers so we don’t have control now anyway, too infinity and beyond 😅

  10. I’m not a big fan of BitBoy but this could be a very big problem and his social group for this could be a good starting point for a solution. Please support this push.

  11. Ben you’re a very smart guy. I trust you. You don’t always get it right but nobody does. I don’t care what the haters say you truly understand blockchain and get a lot of good inside information

  12. Ftx us suddenly has a 5/5 on the Google Play store. That rating use to be below 4 stars. You know they are preparing for this legislation

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