WORST MOVE Tesla Could Make!? (Bad News For Coinbase!!)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top . We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto .

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WORST MOVE Tesla Could Make!? (Bad News For Coinbase!!)

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  1. Good job Ben!! Im hoping this bear market drags on atleast 6 months so I can keep stackin sats?? What do think on Vechain for next run? I know your out of it but I got a nice sack!

  2. Tesla needed liquidity for their company it wasn’t a worst move for them. Not having liquidity to support the company that’s making him and people billions and improving the world overall is not a bad move. it’s a business decision, he didn’t give up on btc. It’s the same reason why Binance right now isn’t laying people off while gemini and coinbase are, binance made sure they had extra money in their pockets for a rainy day and coinbase didn’t, well now tesla is doing the same thing.

    1. Damn right! Not only that, but I think we owe him a thank you for selling and getting the price down some! It helps us to buy in a lower numbers. 😉

    2. And they made a good profit to buy back in. Isn’t that the name of the game. Don’t expect public traded companies to have your back. Ridiculous

  3. Haven’t tuned in for a bit, must mention: Looking FIT, Ben💪!! And way to go on the CA Bill👏👏

  4. What happens to BTC if USD gets replaced buy a real currency , like Russia, China and others are working on, is the money going into the precious metals etc that Russia China Africa has?

  5. Worst decision he could have made. If he bought at 40 something k and sold at 20k he is been stupid.

  6. It seems that nothing else is being discussed today. As usual, all attention is paid to Elon Musk and his next movement. Despite the fact that Dogecoin appeared in my Bitfinex wallet thanks to Elon, I’m not going to follow his example.

  7. I guarantee you they will buy back when we get down to $16,500 or lower if it does go down to $10k

  8. Love that you fight for the little guy Ben!! God Bless you! If you can provide links I will put them on our site for support.

  9. Tesla probably sold it a few months ago. I’d sell it for USDT at 60k like I did last year, but it’s not a big deal at all. Just move on.

  10. Hi Ben
    Can you talk about ethereum classic, it did a 70% move in a week!
    We need to know why.

  11. Everyone should have 100,000 of Metahero, Everdome, Sundaeswap, Minswap…it’s under 10k to get there and those cardano dexs are going to explode this cycle sundae has a 2b and min has a 5b token supply, 5-20$ at the peak, meta/ever ate going to be a slow burn but every .01 they go up you made 1000$, meta has a 10b token supply so it hitting hitting 1-5$ isn’t as much of a longshot as you think those scanners are going to be life changing for a lot of different fields not even related to crypto…police, customs, fashion, you can keep going

  12. Crypto already breaks those walls for example i use min swap to buy coins to get in on small businesses way way way before they blow up. In my opinion decentralized exchanges are taking care of this issue

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