WORST NFT Crash Yet!! (Are NFTs Losing Hype For Good?)

What's going on in the world of NFTs while the market is crashing? Deezy is here to go over the latest . Spotify has spotted an opportunity in the market, Opensea adds new verification features, and the NFT market… well, it’s down with the rest of the cryptos…

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What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:15 Spotify
1:29 Opensea
2:53 NFT Market Down
3:37 Otherdeeds
4:12 Conclusion

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WORST NFT Crash Yet!! (Are NFTs Losing Hype For Good?)

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  1. Said it a long time ago, still stand by it, a lot of people holding NFTS going to be butt hurt and the next big Fud because people holding over price worthless art.

  2. Unless your filthy rich and have money to blow on some digital art lol don’t do it, take that 100k or what ever it cost put it to the side wait for the housing market to crash and buy yourself some property. These clown channels Crack me up full of dudes that probably graduated from college but now a days that doesn’t say much you can’t do it online in line 4 months. Oyyyy, I feel bad for people who listen to this crap

  3. NFT’s are draining crypto value to fiat by cashing out by artitst and community sitting on useless ape tokens. Good thing this is coming to an end. Back to real intrensic appreciation of coins 👍

  4. Little cartoony drawings that costs hundreds of thousands and up to millions are losing hype? LOL NO WAY!!!! 🤣

  5. i did not understand why nft’s were worth so much anyway, some of them were more worth the a real van gogh painting🤯

  6. Thank you very much for such an informative video, I will continue to watch you. I want to ask you for advice, I recently came across an interesting project of the NFT Moon metaverse and minted one of their avatar, it seems the game is coming out in June, any thoughts about the project?

    1. yes, the project is different from the rest, which makes it especially interesting, no less understandable, a review could put everything on the shelves

    2. I bought an ID card and a plot from them. I’m thinking of buying a DAO avatar as well. The review would look.

  7. Nfts should actually have real world use cases like supply chain of luxury goods, property, concert tickets and such. Look for “Craig Wright – the unrealised potential of nfts”.

  8. It might seem worthless but I’ve seen ridiculous money from this ,so take advantage while you can

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