WORST STATE TO MINE BITCOIN! (Instagram rolling out NFTs?)

Today we will be discussing New York’s Proof-of-work ban proposal and one attorneys argument that the ban could violate BTC miner’s 1st Amendment right to free speech. Next we’ll talk about BlackRock selecting Coinbase as a partner for there Aladdin division for institutional investors and last we’ll talk about Instagram’s rollout of NFTs in over 100 countries.

Around the Blockchain is your favorite Cryptocurrency show discussing , Ethereum, , and the . Our four crypto experts Daniel (cryptoisgood), Crypto Lifer, Crypto Blood, & Ben Armstrong. Tune in for their insightful crypto analysis.

Daniel (cryptoisgood):
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Crypto Lifer:
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Crypto Blood:
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Ben Armstrong:
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WORST STATE TO MINE BITCOIN! (Instagram rolling out NFTs?)

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  1. Facebook into the meta verse is going to be fun to watch… The worst user experience adoption the hardest technology to use… what could possibly go wrong? 😂

  2. Im looking for anyone to answer this. Coinbase merged USDC and USD a few weeks ago. All the USDC trading pairs have disappeared. Is anyone else having this issue or are you able to trade USDC with other coins?? It was sketchy when they did it, online says it was to sure up their liquidity but idk why there own stable coin can’t be traded

    1. I’m hate this too. I can’t find any way to place a limit order using USDC. I used to do a weekly USDC then place limit orders with a percent of my bag.

      now you can only exchange usdc for any coin at market price.

      and I don’t use USDT

    2. @kevin johnson yeah it’s definitely messed up. I reinstalled the apps updated everything like they told me and didn’t change anything. When you just trying searching USDC on the site for trading nothing shows up. I think I seen online they stopped trading for USDC internationally but I’m not international. Their customer service is garbage they reply to my tickets but can’t get it fixed. I switched from Tether to USDC just for this to happen. Bringing it up in chat ppl just scream FuD when it’s online saying they did it for liquidity issues so something isn’t right

    3. @Chase you can convert usdc to other assets. Took me a while to figure that out.

      Open assets on left. Select USDC. On the right you’ll see convert. Use that to convert to other crypto.

      I just want to set limit orders without using usdt. Haha 😄

    1. Yo yo yo, BTC supply is limited to 21M.

      If they buy BTC that makes your coins more scarce 👌 I’m happy idk about you

  3. Lifer totally airballed the TA on COIN. He’s just fudding it now. The key is to look at the stock as an ETF of all coinbase’s assets. It’s not about coinbase, it’s about the assets they hold. My buy at $48 is looking pretty good right now.

  4. I would love to get into the NFT market but it’s expensive with the gas price alone, something could cost $18 but the gas could be over $400

    1. I’ve noticed gas fees significantly lower lately. Also tho there are a lot of good projects on cardano

  5. We don’t need bitcoin and waste renewal able energy on it when there are pre mined cryptos that do a better job..! Don’t get it🤔🤔

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