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* Crypto Capital Endeavor does not ensure or make any representations or claims to any specific amount of staking benefits that you will make through delegating your . Any return that the procedure pays out to you is chosen by the procedure. You are not investing your with Crypto Capital Endeavor. Handing over to a Crypto Capital Endeavor stake pool does not involve transferring or lawfully designating the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Endeavor merely serves as a validator and provides neighborhood members a method to hand over to the Cardano Protocol agreement system. All staking portion rates and all guidelines and criteria are chosen by the Cardano procedure.

* The above video referrals a viewpoint and is for news/information and home entertainment purposes just. It is not meant to be investment recommendations, monetary suggestions, or any solicitation, suggestion, recommendation, or offer that you buy or sell any or securities. in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high danger activity involving threat of loss so please look for a duly licensed expert for financial investment or monetary suggestions. The details offered on this video needs to not be utilized to make any financial investment or financial decisions without consulting your financial or financial investment consultant. This video includes my opinion only and is not meant to trigger damage or libel anyone or any entity.

Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin market in particular. The basic facility of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although Bitcoin rate price relocations extremely in a really volatile method, there is much opportunity in being gotten ready for upside and disadvantage. We likewise cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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    1. I’ve been waiting for you to move onto your next chapter. Looking forward to watching you learn about new crypto’s, good job Dan keep growing.

  1. Keep your head up Dan as I am when watching your vids. We will make it out the bears together and we will soar into the bulls together. Those people will see!

  2. eth is unusable due to high fees which the merge wont solve…try to sign a contract with metamask….and those fees will only go up the more the users grow

    1. @K Sergio Cardano C
      ARDANO cardano Cardano CARDANO cardano Cardano CARDANO cardano Cardano CARDANO cardano

  3. I love you Dan! You are absolutely right about the tribalism in the space. It’s very toxic and actually hurts 🤕. I was in my early crypto journey and couldn’t get why people were so mad and hateful towards me because I was sold on Cardano right from the beginning of my journey. I always thought ETH was cool but I thought the hate came from cowardly people who wouldn’t say anything like that to you or us in person. Anyway I just wanted you to spread the love

    1. There’s always tribalism when people’s wealth security is on the line. For what it’s worth though, imo your choices are entirely up to you, and although I love Cardano and would prefer not to see others letting their bags go, I have no animosity towards people who do. This Just to show you that there’s another side to the community. I know many people who share my attitude.

  4. The problem with the merge is vitalik and the ETH foundation are going to steal the original name “ethereum” for the new chain. Just like they did for ETC.

  5. People prefer to spend money on liabilities, rather than investing in assets and be profitable.

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