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  1. I hope it stays under for another few more months so I can continue stacking my bags. I don’t want to miss the 🚀 before it moons!

    1. @xrpmarkyb ThankYou And Could You Refer Me To A Particular Stream Of Information To Know What xrp is really doing like you said with the 30 cents ?

  2. Lol Ben. How could you even imply that people are looking for an xrp resolution quickly. We’re already well beyond a “quick resolution.” We’re just hoping it happens in our lifetime at this point…

  3. The government is not ready to release XRP. Or any crypto for that matter.
    It will be centralized government tool.

  4. I’ll still be adding small amounts of xrp every week. All my cryptos are either in loss or the profit is about to turn into a loss. I’m accumulating. Eventually the markets will all go back up and crypto will become a 40 to100 trillion dollar asset class . Meanwhile I’m cost averaging, i’m not into crypto trading. I’m just putting money into those cryptos I believe will survive a great culling and come out on top.

  5. This XRP case could easily continue for several more years. You’re focusing on this initial trial timeline,, but that is just one of the initial steps in the entire legal process. There can be appeals (emphasis on more than one can arise), if the SEC or XRP want to drag it on.

  6. Remember when BitBoy told you he had a insider tell him the XRP lawsuit would be over last November – I DO! The moral of the lesson nobody knows when the lawsuit will be over including the judge. It ends when the motion rest!

    1. I agree! Just like no one really knows if Bitcoin will from back to 20k like Ben is stating. Go with your gut not their phony predictions

    2. Haha yeah. He’s just in it for the clicksm when infound bit boy I was excited it was so well done. Then a month later went back to krowns krypro kave. Ben is garbage.

      But I’ve been out of crypro since December what a boring market.

  7. I actually think it’s pretty brave of him to support xrp. His reputation is on the line, and it’s not what the “cool kids” are into.

  8. As someone who got in in 2020, and listened to all the guys on YouTube who talked out of thier butt about how 2021 would go, this is just wonderful 👍

  9. Despite the economic downturn,I’m so happy. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.

    1. Mrs Charlotte is the right person to start trading cryptocurrency with.. she knows her way around the crypto world.. she has been helping me increase my investment every day for over months..

  10. I have never seen a Plaintiff, in a legal matter, drag out the justice they seek. There must be more hidden behind door number 1…. I believe it could be on both sides considering some mutual agreed to timelines; however, I am outside looking in.

  11. I think your in the top 5% if you hold 8k-9k, i think after lawsuit is over XRP goes around $15-$25 then a year after lawsuit is over and mass adoption starts flowing into XRP around $100

  12. I’m in just over a year so accumulating XRP almost daily. We will be lucky to see a dollar before regulations come on

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