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  1. If Ripple wins, it would be ludicrous to sell too soon…no matter how many “booms”. Regulatory clarity is what the world has been waiting for, why would you exit out for peanuts.

  2. A suspiciously downbeat video if you ask me! Have you been incentivised to underplay likely higher price action and predict the latest settlement date possible Ben?

  3. Did not even cover the fact that you my never have to sell. Just lease it to the banks. And get paid every month and keep your xrp!

  4. Dude, the supply on exchanges is so low, you dont know if you ll be able to get your xrp back after the whales start buying the secondary market

    1. LMAO. But the founders keep selling every month. I’ve been hearing the same year after year since 2018. Just look at the circulation supply. Iyou’ll be luck if it hits $4 in a bull market.

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