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  1. My husband and I really enjoyed meeting you at the conference, Ben! Agree with your sentiments on the BTC conference and Jack’s speech.

    1. by the end of the year after it wins the SEC case we will see numbers we honestly didn’t think would happen anytime soon.

  2. It’s 100% a reflection on ETH. ETH would t be anywhere near number 2 spot if it hadn’t been given a free pass

  3. Funny how Ripple catches crap for years as a bankers and all the proof comes out that Ethereum is the bankers coin and folks are like well it’s not ethereum it’s the ethereum network…imagine if this some stuff came out against ripple and Brad. Ether would drop like a rock.

    1. It’s disgusting really but patience my brother , and in the end we just smirk and smile and go with it , I don’t care for the value blah blah , ofcourse I dream of big gains but as long as Ripple gets mass adoption and utility , I’m just happy to see it win

  4. BTC Lighting is a new form of Swift nostro / vostro system. The problem XRPL will fix when the shackles are gone.

  5. XRP Army is by far the best community in Crypto! What they did to help in the lawsuit is absolutely bananas!

  6. Ben, I always appreciate your pragmatic perspective. A rapidly changing market that’s volatile with developments happening at lightning speed means you have to adjust or walk back opinions frequently, and I admire your humility to do that. Be strong and of good courage, long live the republic, Go Dawgs.

  7. XRP has an amazing utility. The controversial lawsuit may come to a close soon.
    Can you imagine all the exchanges relist XRP?
    Can you imagine all the railroad tracks are set up and ready to go from East to West, etc….
    Can you imagine the switch will flip ON in the near term?
    Can you imagine all the big boy institutions come in like no tomorrow?
    Can you imagine FOMO is for real?

  8. Something will take xrp place before the end of the court case I’m sure that’s why it’s dragging out I doubt it will even be over this year so many people were saying it will be over by end of 2021 and here we still are

  9. Its crazy how I went from almost 0 respect for you because you didnt see anything but failure for XRP, but you finally did your homework and you know the truth. The future value of XRP is beyond peoples understanding because it sits under $1 still. The distraction is people looking at todays price and how 100bn coins cannot amount to anything. Those people are going to get a nasty taste of reality, its coming.

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