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* Crypto Capital Venture does not ensure or make any representations or claims to any particular amount of staking rewards that you will make through delegating your Cardano. Any return that the procedure pays out to you is decided by the protocol. You are not investing your Cardano with Crypto Capital Venture. Handing over to a Crypto Capital Venture stake pool does not include moving or lawfully assigning the Cardano or the rights thereof. Crypto Capital Venture merely acts as a validator and supplies neighborhood members a method to delegate to the Cardano Procedure agreement system. All staking percentage rates and all rules and parameters are chosen by the Cardano procedure.

* The above video recommendations a viewpoint and is for news/information and home entertainment purposes just. It is not meant to be investment recommendations, financial advice, or any solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or deal that you buy or offer any or securities. in cryptocurrencies and securities is a high danger activity including danger of loss so please seek a properly certified expert for investment or financial recommendations. The information supplied on this video needs to not be used to make any investment or monetary choices without consulting your monetary or investment consultant. This video contains my opinion only and is not intended to trigger harm or disparage anybody or any entity.

Crypto Capital Endeavor approves tracking market in particular. The general facility of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Endeavor is that although Bitcoin rate moves very in a really unstable method, there is much chance in being prepared for benefit and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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    1. You are a Specialized in Cardano. Do you bilieve that some Day Cardano gets $ 5 dollars? Please answer the question!!!!

  1. I appreciate you and your videos. Been a holder since last November. Been super informed on how to prepare for times like right now thanks to your videos. 👍🏽 keep it up. We love it.

    1. Now is the time to accumulate if you’ve got dry powder. You can ADA for dimes. In the future you’re have to pay dollars or tens of dollars.

  2. Dan love your videos, been listening since last may, because of you I have made a lot of good decisions.

  3. I’m holding cardano with zero plans on selling. I’m only buying small portions that I can afford.

    1. I used to buy small amounts now I have enough to stake on binance which gives me a nice amount daily

    2. @I don’t leave likes, I leave comments I recommend you to stake with a cold wallet for security reasons

  4. Hey man, just stay steady. I love the videos and conviction you have. Been getting back into the market slowly, ADA and BTC are what I’m sticking to for stacking.

  5. We believe that ADA will eventually trade like Tesla did – Sideways for a while and then all of the sudden🚀 the ✨✨✨

    1. Pretty much. Demand will flow in all at once, especially since people seem to be looking for more reputable projects right now.

  6. I love ADA. I think it will stay in the top major cryptos for years and years. I think Kadena is way undervalued and way under developed currently but it has some funding to develop just launched and made by some brilliant people. Would love to see your take on it and what you think on it.. keep doing your ADA thing but maybe you could start a new venture here??

    1. I’d be nice if the big money cranks up ADA to a couple hundred bucks on the next bull run. Lol

    2. KDA is good but the supply curve is way in the beginning which means it’s going to take a bigger hit during the bear market than other cryptos, maybe it’s a better buy when the signs point to a recovery. Obviously there’s more upside potential than ADA, but then again for the upside that ADA has it’s a very safe bet.

  7. My goal is to accumulate 100k ada in the next year or so. I hope I can eventually get there, these prices definitely help!

    1. Same here! I’ve got 71k ADA
      Hopefully price stays low so I can grab another 15k next week!

  8. We’re early enough in Cardano that it can be effected by the overall market, but it’s held really well at $.50. IOHK’s taking their time to do things right, and once they’ve implemented their scalability technologies, I think it will be like turning on a light-switch, and Cardano will blow up and not look back. For whatever reason, a lot of people doubt IOHK can do what Charles says they can do. The unfortunate response for that perspective is when have they not been able to do what they’ve set out to do? The FUD may be a good thing so that more true believers can partake at lower entry points.

  9. Yoo Dan, cant wait for the future of cardano. Got my first cardano in 2018 and still buying more at those prices today👍

  10. honestly Because I’ve been watching your videos now for about a year I’ve learned to not be emotional, take profits, and now buying and accumulating like crazy right now. just need to finally stake with you I just haven’t done that

  11. the magic question is: who is still selling? would people sell if they know that cardano outperform btc???

  12. At this point I don’t think hard forks, any level of positive news, or system performance will impact the price. Right now it’s all about the state of the economy and what BTC is doing. The entire market is in or about to cross the line into a bearish winter. No amount of news will impact this. Now we just buckle down and hodl until things recover.

  13. What attracted me to ADA was the network development that has been ongoing. It may still be a speculative investment but watching intently

  14. Cardano can longer be ignored. Honestly I have always known that the quality of the Cardano ecosystem and the Cardano team has been of the highest integrity and trustworthiness. That is why I believe we will continue to help Cardano rise to the top. We the Cardano community will help it become the leader in this space and the ecosystem will guide us to financial freedom.

  15. Agree the project and upside are special. I’ve placed ADA limit orders below current support to scale in all the way down to early 2021 support levels if the opportunity presents itself.

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