Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches Lifetime High, It’s Now More Difficult Than Ever Before to Find a Block Reward

Following the drop in value during Thursday evening’s trading sessions, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty rose to a lifetime high, reaching 26.64 trillion after jumping 9.32% at block height 719,712. The mining difficulty’s all-time... Read more »

Boston nurse fired for nudes on OnlyFans launches crypto porn app – Cointelegraph Magazine

Former Boston ICU nurse Allie Rae made international news in August last year after she was fired for running an extremely naughty OnlyFans account on the side. The story appeared everywhere from... Read more »

Polygon Primed to Tumble After Nine-Month Consolidation

Key Takeaways MATIC appears to be breaking down of a descending triangle. Breaching the $1.80 support level could ignite an 87% bear market. MATIC needs to regain $2.90 as support. Failing to... Read more »

$4B non-profit established to stabilize UST stablecoin

With a market cap of more than $170 billion, stablecoin adoption is exploding. The total market of stablecoins grew 450 percent in 2021 alone. Stablecoins are viable internet-native mediums of exchange between... Read more »

Crypto taxation could deter investors, says Thai ruling party MP

Thailand’s Committee on Monetary Affairs, Finance, Financial Institutions and Financial Market conducted a virtual meeting to discuss various aspects of crypto taxation. The ruling party MP Watanya Wongopasi posted a summary of... Read more »

Bank of Russia Proposes Wide Ban on Cryptocurrency Use, Trade, Mining

True to its hardline stance on decentralized digital money, the Central Bank of Russia is now pushing for a wide-ranging ban on crypto-related activities such as issuance, exchange, and mining. A consultation... Read more »

Bitcoin dumps to hit six month lows near $38K

Bitcoin (BTC) has dumped 7.5% in the past 12 hours, plunging to 6-month lows from $43,328 at 4pm UTC yesterday to $38,258 by 4am UTC today. At the time of writing Bitcoin... Read more »

Australia’s plan to create a crypto competitive edge in 12 steps

In October 2021, the Senate Committee for Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre released its much-awaited recommendations for how cryptocurrency should be regulated. The 168-page final report boils down to 12... Read more »

WAX announces a historic 10 million NFT drop to its blockchain accounts

Known as the ‘King of NFTs’ and the world’s leading entertainment NFT network, Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) will be celebrating its major milestones with a record-breaking 10 million NFT drop to WAX... Read more »

Vitalik Buterin talks creating Ethereum in previously unreleased 2014 interview

The latest episode of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Stories featured never-before-heard audio from an exclusive interview with Vitalik Buterin, recorded at a conference in Hong Kong in 2014. In this animated short, viewers can... Read more »