Crypto Markets Embrace +8% Inflation as White House PANICS! (Robinhood Shocks Investors)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, , and the top . We'll take a look at the markets and the latest crypto .

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Crypto Markets Embrace +8% Inflation as White House PANICS! (Robinhood Shocks Investors)

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  1. Since inflation makes Bitcoin go down then Hyperinflation will send Bitcoin to almost 0 right? We need some deflation over here! Deflation will send assets TO THE MOOON!

    1. Don’t expect deflation during a pandemic and wars breaking out. Its only going to get worse, short term inflation could effect bitcoin in a negative way but in the long run it will prove to do the opposite and could potentially take over the dollar completely

  2. The big issue with the 68 emails is wether or nor not XRP was mentioned, cause if ETH and BTC had a “freepass”, why not XRP?

  3. Relax, sit back and let the bitcoin does what it supposed to do… time to learn 😌 💯 love that idea

  4. “Metaverse” isn’t synonymous with blockchain people, it could be completely centralized and under the control of corporations in a segregated/non-interoperable sucky way. I would say don’t cover Zuckbucks if its merely in-game currency, you don’t cover Robux or V-bucks here.

    1. @Brennan large who hasn’t been auto corrected the wrong way ✌️ get out of here grammar warrior

    2. That’s bc everyone said the listing was going to break the internet after a few hours it’s only up 15% not looking good for the holders. Yes I do have some. But wish I sold long ago

  5. Honestly Ben doesn’t have any great in sight. He’s just a regular guy who’s been in crypto for a while.. 🤷‍♂️ Mayb that’s y people have been unsubscribing. The channel is fun tho, I throw it on when my normal guys aren’t on.

  6. If bitcoin goes to 10k I’m selling half my stocks and converting it to bitcoin’s. And I may sell even sell some of my land. To buy in.

  7. @1:10:38 I initially misheard Ben and thought he said “I’m getting hard nipples.” as he began to talk about the latest updates in the Ripple case. Made perfect sense. Ha ha 🤣😂🤣

  8. I work at a Target DC and was interested who the top stakeholders were after this video. No joke it was Vanguard and Blackrock

  9. I like he saw the Neutrino ‘stable coin’ and was like wtf? Haha. That was at like .69 not long ago. Used it to inflate Waves.

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